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What qualifications are required to be a marriage counselor?

What qualifications are required to be a marriage counselor?

4 Answers

Marriage_com Answered:

Becoming a qualified Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is a long road and requires a lot of education. It begins with a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to counseling, such as social work or psychology. Then a Master’s degree in marriage counseling must be earned before the candidate can gain clinical experience as a marriage counselor. This is done under the supervision of a licensed MFT, and gives the candidate practical experience working with couples. Once all educational components are fulfilled, the candidate must pass a written exam before they can be licensed by the state to practice as a marriage and family therapist.

Mesmerizer Answered:

A good, patient soul is requited here :)) Everybody comes with his problems and usually everybody is right, his/her spouse is wrong.. It is a gift to be a good listener, not to take sides, give wise and handy advices, gain people's trust and built the autorithy to make them listen to you :)

Vilkoma Answered:

Good communication skills is the basic and the ability to make a chill and cozy ambience for your clients, to win their trust and help them open for therapy :) Lolita gave you good explanation about the degrees :) Are you willing to become a marriage counsellor or you are searching for quality professional help, dear?

Lolita Answered:

It varies from place to place, but it seems that to be a marriage counsellor, you need a Master's degree in marriage counselling and family therapy. You will first need to do a Bachelor's degree and then do 2 years' clinical experience. You will to be a good listener, a good communicator, good with people and compassionate.

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