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Why women have affairs. Do they really cheat?

Answers (8)

Oceanlover said on
Yes women do really cheat. Most of them feel like they're not being satisfied in a relationship. Either their husband can't perform in the bedroom, he doesn't provide her with the emotional support that she needs. She will think that the only other place that she can get it, is with another man.
JoshKim said on
Both women and men cheat. I would say that they cheat because something is missing in their relationship.
Vilkoma said on
Lack of support and understanding in the relationship may triger a woman to start an affair.
newlywedgal said on
Affairs happen because of dissatisfaction on a marriage, or sometimes just a misjudgment on the cheater's part. Affairs are usually a spur of the moment thing, but can be brought about by years of marital non-fulfillment. Yes, of course women cheat, just like men do. The effects on a marriage can be damaging, but if the cheater can be forgiven and changes in the marriage are made, then things could take a positive spin.
Mesmerizer said on
Affairs happen mostly when something is missing in the relationship. Think about it before pointing your wife a cheater, please! You two can work this out without accusations. Guess I answered a few questions further than the one you gained strenth to ask.
anthonyjones said on
They have affairs because they are probably bored with their partners. I think over time some men can get pretty boring in bed, especially when we only want sex fast and done in the one familiar way. If the partner is very inconsiderate both in and out of bed, then women can also feel motivated to sneak around with another guy to test the waters and secure another partner before she breaks up with the current one.
SUMMERS said on
Extramarital affairs were once thought to be the domain of men, but women are just as likely to cheat in a relationship as their male counterparts.   Some research even indicates they are more likely than men to have an affair.  Women cheat for much the same reasons as men:
·        They feel lonely and disconnected from their partners
·        They don’t feel sexy anymore and they crave affirmation about their desirability
·        Things haven’t turned out as they’d hoped, and they seek alternatives out of desperation
No matter the reason, the underlying factor is that women who cheat aren’t getting what they need out of their primary relationship.
FLEMING01 said on
Both men and women have affairs and cheat. Women probably have different reasons for cheating than men, but the outcome and behavior comes down to the same thing which is infidelity or unfaithfulness. Women often seek affection and attention from a man, and they are particularly vulnerable if they are not getting this from their own husband, who may be too busy or preoccupied to realize that his wife needs him. When this kind of woman is shown “friendship” by another man who is charming and caring, she can easily respond positively, and then one thing leads to another until they are having a full blown affair.
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