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How does online marriage counseling helps?

How does online marriage counseling helps?

4 Answers

FLEMING01 Answered:

Online marriage counseling can be a first step of reaching out for help, like calling the paramedics when you have had an accident, or the first aid people. Most people nowadays have access to the internet and it is a non-threatening way to tentatively do some research and make inquiries until you get to a place where you are ready to go and get help from someone face to face. Sometimes if your problem is temporary or minor you may find exactly the advice you need online. Other times you may be referred to the specialist that you need. Either way, online counseling can be a valuable stepping stone in your journey to wholeness and a healthy marriage.

SUMMERS Answered:

Online marriage counseling can be effective in some cases, while in other cases it may be only a starting point for further therapeutic engagement. Online counseling can cover most of the same areas as traditional counseling, starting with an intake procedure where the couple shares about their histories. Counselors will make observations and recommendations about some exercises the couple may do together to strengthen their relationship. What’s more difficult to accomplish online is observing the couple interact with each other. There are many nonverbal cues that most couples counselors will pick up on that helps them understand how the partners relate and identify potential issues.

Mesmerizer Answered:

I agree with the advantages Vilkoma points here, my advice is to check your teraphist's online reputation first.

Vilkoma Answered:

Online marriage counseling advances are the safety and well known ambience of your own house or office while receiving professional help, no traffic jams and other stressful situations and waiste of time while traveling for the appointment with the therapist and no need anyone to know that you are using proffesional help to fix your marriage :)

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