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Can a marriage be saved after several cases of infidelity have been confirmed?

Can a marriage be saved after several cases of infidelity have been confirmed?

3 Answers

Xena69 Answered:

I wote my husband a note about his chatting with a women. I seen the chat. He came home from work and ingnored me all night. He went to bed but didnt say Goodnight. I know he is Mad but its the truth. I couldnt hold it in. Do you think I went to far. I do not want this in my house. It brings me much anxiety and sadness. Zena

Princevinco Answered:

Yes, I think such marriage can be saved. First, you should resolve the issue that is pushing the partner to indulge in infidelity. There are couples that directly or indirectly push their partner to engage in infidelity and yet turn around to complain. So you should ask yourself, are you playing the role you should play towards your spouse? If you are fond of starving or denying him or her sex, the tendency is that you are responsible and should, therefore, tackle the issue and that marriage could be saved. Again, if the partner involved sincerely repents and if the other party equally forgives, they can start all over their marriage again thereby salvaging their marriage.

Keertana Answered:

Several cases? Well, that just implies that the trust was broken SEVERAL times. Why then would you want to stay in a marriage like that? Why would you ever want to save it? I think you need to do some soul-searching and you will get the answers yourself.

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