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I need some suggestions to save my relationship. Please help!

I need some suggestions to save my relationship. Please help!

4 Answers

FLEMING01 Answered:

Well done for realizing that your relationship needs saving and for asking for help. You need to sit down and take an inventory of your relationship and try to identify what is the main problem, and what is the root cause. Is there a communication problem? Has there been infidelity? What kind of “conflict resolution” have you been doing so far? Is it due to interference from family? When you know what the challenges are then you can think of practical ways to overcome these things. And remember, a relationship consists of two people in a partnership, so both parties need to be involved in saving the relationship – not just one side.

SUMMERS Answered:

To save your relationship, you may be wise to go back to the foundations of any good relationship and nurture them. · Love – If both partners love each other, there’s ma good chance to save the relationship, but that’s not all that’s needed to make it work. · Trust – Each partner must trust the other fully. If you’re going to go through life with just one other person at your side, you both need to be certain the other can be trusted with everything. · Respect – Without respect, your relationship will be difficult at best, because one or both partners is unlikely to have their needs met.

Mesmerizer Answered:

Reconnect with your partner is a good advice. Connection is basic for a relationship. Have in mind also that you both need to wish saving the relationship. Talk to your partner without accusations and be open for an option in which your relationship has no future.

MarryMe Answered:

Renew the communication and intimacy between you :)

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