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Can prayers do a miracle to save a marriage?

Can prayers do a miracle to save a marriage?

9 Answers

FLEMING01 Answered:

Prayers are indeed very powerful and there are many testimonies of people who have experienced miracles through prayer. The most important question would be to whom you are addressing those prayers. If you are praying to Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth, the one who instituted marriage in the first place, then indeed that is a good starting point. However it is necessary to have a relationship with the One to whom you are praying and to approach him on his terms. When it comes to marriage, God the original designer has set in place guidelines for a healthy and happy marriage relationship. When both partners are willing to follow those guidelines, while praying for God to help them, then the miracle can happen and their marriage can be saved.

SUMMERS Answered:

There are many people who will say that there is no problem prayer can’t solve. That doesn’t mean, however, that prayer always does solve the problem being prayed over. You may pray with the intention of saving your marriage, but what if that isn’t the highest good? It’s debatable whether one should pray for an outcome that doesn’t represent the greatest good for the highest number of people. Still, prayer can help save your marriage. It helps you and your spouse focus on the desired outcome, and hold that image up in your minds while you work together on your issues.

Anthonyjones Answered:

Yes, but prayers alone won't work. As the others have mentioned, it is the combined effort of the direction from prayers and your actions that determine if your marriage will be saved. After all, if all the politicians and activists did not do anything, nothing in this would would have changed for the better. In fact, many major religions also recognized that prayer is just one part. They have missionaries and projects to help the society around them.

Mesmerizer Answered:

Prayers can help you understand you are not alone and give strenth to overcome the situation.

Lesley Answered:

It has been said that prayer doesn't change things, prayr changes us and we change things. So I definitly believe prayer will help in any situation by making us more receptive to possible solutions and by helping us to feel calmer and more in control of the situation. It is still up to both aprtners to take action to change the situation by changing their own behaviour first of all and ten the situation will alos change.

Newlywedgal Answered:

In my opinion, no. While prayers can provide emotional and mental support, it takes careful action by a person to help salvage a marriage. Without this proactiveness, a marriage may continue to spiral downhill especially if both parties are not on the same page at all. If you can, engage a marriage counsellor to help work through and mediate your problems. It is a much better solution.

MarryMe Answered:

I believe that when you release the control of a situation and pray for help and guidence things happen :)

SimplyBeing Answered:

More than prayer, I think it's important to have a support system. This can, of course, include prayer, but it can also include meditation, crystals, oracle readings. I think all of these things can provide clarity and guidance. I believe more than anything, we have the answers inside of us, we just need a way to tap into them. Prayers don't save a marriage, people do, but how the couple copes with stress, how they use their beliefs as unifers, these things can help them.

JBobbitt Answered:

I think prayers can do miracles for relationships or anything. I think it’s important not to be selfish with your prayers. Even when you are praying for yourself, you should try to include friends, family members, and even strangers and people who did you wrong. Sometimes the meanest people need prayers the most.

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