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Please tell me how to plan for a honeymoon?

Answers (9)

DiegoM said on
Although it might sound romantic to plan a surprise honeymoon, it is probably better to discuss it with your future spouse. Avoid school holidays and expensive times of the year like Christmas. The accommodation will also be over-crowded and over-priced. Discuss how far you are prepared to go and how long you are prepared to travel after the wedding ceremony. You may find out-of-the-way places close to home. It is probably better to use a travel agent to ensure that all goes well.
MarryMe said on
Honeymoon is a very special time for a couple, so choose a special destination :) Special could be where you first met, or a cozy villa in the mountains, or two weeks in a tent on the beach :) It doesn't need to be expencive but special!
manofhouse said on
A honeymoon is a getaway for your new spouse and yourself to spend quality time with each other and understand each other more. You don’t have to choose a very expensive place at all. Pick a destination that allows both of you to have lots of quiet romantic moments, but also pick a place both of you will enjoy as tourists, because after all you are on a vacation.
Mesmerizer said on
Ask your friends for recommendations and help. As a brige you are going to be under high levels of pressure so any help is welcome. Then discuss your choice with your partner and book together the honeymoon trip :)
tom said on
Honeymoon is the most awaited saga for the newlyweds. There are endless things to make it special from deciding destination to chalk out each day's plan. As this is the time that keeps romance alive in your marriage. Book the most exotic hotel as per your partner's preference, take travel advice on packages and 'what to pack' checklist. To make it more exciting keep in mind few tips like go for sunrise, click pictures and go for couple's massage.
angelicarose said on
Choose a destination that the both of you feel you would enjoy. Read up more about the sights and activities activities available in that place, and plan accordingly as you would a regular holiday destination. Make sure to choose a hotel that s peaceful and quiet so you and your new spouse can enjoy each other. Ensure that the honeymoon cost is within your budget!
SUMMERS said on
Most people plan their honeymoons while planning their weddings.  Honeymoons historically lasted a full month, but most couples today take only a week (two if they’re lucky) to spend quality time together away from the rest of the world.  First, choose a destination that interests you both.  This can be a relaxed beachside resort or a cabin in the mountains, a trip to Europe or an African safari.  Just be sure the trip is something you both look forward to, and can share in its pleasures.  You should also plan on spending a lot of time doing nothing, so you’ll have time for intimacy.
Planning for a honeymoon would most importantly entail making the booking or reservation for the venue where you intend to go, and arranging transport for you and your spouse to arrive there safely. Once that is in place and you know where you are going, then you can plan what kind of wardrobe you need to take, according to the weather expectations and the activities you plan to be involved in. If you are going to a warm beach resort at the ocean, you may need little more than your bathing suit. Mainly your plan would be to spend long lazy days and nights, relaxing with your beloved and enjoying the intimacy of one another’s company twenty four seven.
sanra23 said on
Honeymoon is the most exciting time for a newly-married couple. Both partners look forward and plan this period way in advance. Based on your common interests, you could carefully plan this out by going on a holiday (beach/ hills/ mountains - whatever you both enjoy) and spend some quality time there. Make new memories - this is the time to travel together and greatly build/ nourish your love life. Does not have to be an expensive affair - the main point here is to spend time together after your big day!
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