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My marriage is in trouble, but I love my husband. How can I improve situations and make my married life better?

My marriage is in trouble, but I love my husband. How can I improve situations and make my married life better?

6 Answers

Manofhouse Answered:

Firstly, why is your marriage in trouble? Once you have understood the reasons you can then get around to solving the problem. It is great to know that your love for your husband is unwavering, but it's important to make sure that your husband reciprocates the love as well. If you have tried everything to make your marriage work in vain, then going for marriage counselling might help.

LANE64 Answered:

Imagine that you and your husband are in a canoe on a river and your destination lies upstream. You are frantically rowing with the oars trying to move upstream while he is sitting back and relaxing and letting the boat drift. The fact that you are the one asking this question shows that you are trying to row the boat, but you will not make any progress until your husband joins in and does his part. If he too is able to recognize that your marriage is in trouble, without blaming you in any way, and he is willing to get help for both of you through marriage counseling and therapy, then there is hope for your marriage. If not, get yourself to the river bank, jump out and walk away while you still have strength.

SUMMERS Answered:

Love is a strong motivator, but simply loving your husband won’t fix serious problems in a troubled marriage. You must realize that love doesn’t mean always saying “yes” to what happens in the relationship. You have to articulate your needs and your feelings about what’s going on. If he is receptive to hearing your concerns, you can have a conversation (probably many conversations) about how to strengthen your relationship. Most couples find it helpful to employ the special skills of a couples counselor to work things out, but you can also do it alone when having these conversations.

Mesmerizer Answered:

Dear Dennis7, a loving woman can forgive many things but a selfrespected woman won't let most of them just pass through. Ask yourself first are you happy in this marriage? If the answer is negative there is nothing to be saved but you! Be smarter than emotional and will see the answers you are searchinh for.

Beautifullife Answered:

Seek professional help. This can come in the form of marriage counselling, or even by reading a marriage book. Try to communicate with your husband on the issues running through your mind, but do not put any of the blame on him, and do not nag. Tell your husband that you still love him and want to make the marriage better.

MarryMe Answered:

Think about yourself first! Being always the forgiving type in a relationship puts you in a situation when your partner is going further and further into trouble situations because you allow it as a loving woman and it's more and more pain for you. By loving and respecting yourself you can heal your marriage but first you need to point the lines of your goodness that shall not be crossed and stand for your position.

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