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What is marriage restoration? Is it possible to restore my marriage?

What is marriage restoration? Is it possible to restore my marriage?

3 Answers

LANE64 Answered:

Restoration is when you take something that is worn out, scratched, battered and broken, and you carefully and painstakingly set about fixing it until it looks as good or even better than it was to begin with. Like when you find an old piece of furniture at the auction. You take it home, sand it down, mend it and paint it. Marriage restoration means recognizing that your marriage relationship has suffered through various reasons such as circumstances and neglect, and you make the decision to put in whatever effort it will take to reestablish the relationship with your spouse. It will take sustained and determined effort over a long period of time. But if you are both serious and committed, the results can be well worth the effort.

SUMMERS Answered:

Marriage restoration is a term used by many Christian and faith-based organizations to describe the process by which a couple can find healing and improve their relationship after a crisis in their marriage. Usually, this begins with a process of prayer and consultation with a religious authority such as a pastor. The couple prays for intervention by God, and the clergy will ask the couple to focus their prayers by requesting the specific outcomes desired. You can pray for healing, for your spouse to find the right path, and for love and harmony to be restored.

LoveCoach Answered:

Yes, it absolutely is! When you start working on yourself, the light, the joy, the passion will naturally flow out of you to your partner, and he/she will begin to notice this change and want to give more to you. It can take some time, but it can happen. The other way is of course, to take a one day intensive or for the full monty, a full weekend intensive where you really kick start the relationship and reset it to the day you got married! These intensives can be absolutely life changing when done in the spirit of love and joy. For more information, you can read my article on here, "when is it Time to Call it Quits? I wish for you a life filled with Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion!

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