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How to get my wife to do a job?

My wife has been staying at home being a mother of our two kids for many years.
Now, the kids are in middle school and really don’t need her doting on them like they used to.
How can I encourage her to get back into the workforce without sounding like an ungrateful jerk?

1 Answers

Graham Answered:

Many People face this problem. One is pretty clear that you need to encourage her to join her previous job or a new job again for the betterment of family as a unit. The questions remains, how? I think you need to make her realize the benefits a new working member would bring to the family. You should tell her the good changes a job can bring in her personality. Definitely, kids don't need her doting on them anymore, so, she should utilize her skills for securing a better future for the family. Talk to her, dine with her, and counsel her; I am pretty sure she will agree to do a job.

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