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I feel my relationship is falling behind. Can trust building exercises for couples will help me?

I feel my relationship is falling behind. Can trust building exercises for couples will help me?

5 Answers

LANE64 Answered:

Trust building exercises for couples can certainly be helpful if both of you are committed to participate fully and to wholeheartedly share your thoughts and feelings with complete honesty and transparency. Well done for being sensitive and recognizing that you may need some help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to keep on looking until you find what you need. When you are in a relationship, although each one is responsible for their own behavior, there needs to be cooperation as you work together to make your relationship the best it can be.


If you feel like your relationship is missing something, it’s not a bad idea to explore doing some trust exercises. Start by sharing your concerns with your partner. If they immediately dismissn your idea or say it’s unimportant, then you probably have a lot to gain from doing trust exercises together. Such activities give you the opportunity to connect as a couple in unusual ways, oftentimes based on hypothetical situations. They can help each of you gain insight into how the other thinks and makes important decisions, which can in turn lead to a stronger trust and more intimate bond.

Mesmerizer Answered:

Ask yourself first are you happy in this relationship and be honest. Positive answer - you may try DiegoM's practical advices. Negative answer - better rebuild your selfesteem and selftrust, then start a new relationship. There is no use to waste time and energy on this story.

DiegoM Answered:

Trust is the single most important ingredient in a relationship. You need to know that your partner’s intentions are honourable. Some practical ides when you want to have a trust-building session: sit facing each other; hold hands; be totally honest, but do it gently; don’t withhold information; don’t be judgemental: do not attack; apologise sincerely when needed; ask what you can do to restore your partner’s trust; tell your partner that you love them; seek help for issues that you can’t resolve together on your own.

MarryAnn Answered:

Give trust building exercises a chance. They may help you understand is your relationship worth saving or not. If it's "no" maybe you should let it fall apart and continue on your own way. If it's "yes" - do your best to heal it :) Good luck!

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