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How to resolve marital issues at a nascent stage?

How to resolve marital issues at a nascent stage?

3 Answers

SHORT5 Answered:

The nascent or beginning stage is usually the best time to resolve marital issues. It is often tempting to just let little things go, but over time they become bigger and bigger, causing much pain. So learn to talk openly to one another about anything that is worrying you. Create a safe atmosphere where you know you will listen to one another without becoming angry and defensive, and without withdrawing into stony silence. Give each other space if necessary to work through something quietly, but then set a time frame when you will come together again to communicate, forgive and carry on in love.


Be sure to attend premarital counseling and discuss issues such as: · how everyday chores will be divided · what beliefs and practices you’ll follow with regard money · what your feelings are about having children · where you will live (short term and long term) · your expectations around education for yourselves and your children · what religious values you will adhere to Set the stage for a good foundation in your marriage by learning good communication skills early. Share your feelings using “I statements” and practice active listening to establish good lines of communication and build trust.

DiegoM Answered:

After 6 years of marriage, 6 out of 10 women say that they would not marry the same man again. So it seems that if problems are not addressed early they rapidly escalate to a stage where one or both partners are deeply unhappy. Here are a few tips: Apart from passion and intimacy you need to build friendship. Share household chores. Don’t lose yourself in your role as parent. Remember that you are a spouse as well. Roll with the changes that marriage brings – it will evolve with time. Make an effort to rekindle closeness.

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