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How should I understand what a relationship means?

How should I understand what a relationship means?

6 Answers

So_diana Answered:

Relationships are an intricate part of a human being's life. There is not a soul in the world who loves to live in isolation - devoid of all relationships. Relationships, they nourish our lives and fill us with a sense of purpose. And everyone wants to enjoy the best of it. If you are lucky enough and have found that special someone who treasures you and makes your life beautiful, then make sure you respect that love and do your best to return that love back.

SHORT5 Answered:

A relationship is a living thing. Like every living thing it needs to be nourished and sustained. Just like a human being cannot survive without water, food and air, so a relationship cannot survive without communication and time spent together. When you are in a relationship with someone it is a learning experience everyday where you discover new things about each other. You never reach a point of knowing “everything” – you will always be on the lookout for surprises, and ways to make your beloved laugh and smile. A relationship is a journey which you share, walking hand in hand with the other person.


Being in a relationship means being able to share your life with someone. It means you are prepared to be there with each other in the good and bad times. No one wants a fair-weather friend, but a fair-weather romantic partner can be devastating when times are already tough. Being in a relationship will require letting down your guard and letting that person see the “real you.” In return, you must be able to accept the person you love with all of their flaws. Relationships are a partnership where you both must have each other’s back and help one another through problems.

Angelicarose Answered:

You can read up all about relationships and what they are, or you can even observe what a relationship is by looking at your friends and their partners. There are different types of love relationships in the world and they are all motivated by different agendas. But I will say that it is only by experiencing a relationship that you can know what it truly means.

Manofhouse Answered:

A relationship is a connection between two people and includes elements such as love, honesty, trust, respect and companionship. Relationships are great for people who like to have shared experiences with someone else, and know what it takes to maintain and grow a relationship. Sometimes relationships are defined by many different things such as a how both people feel about or relate to each other. For example, a casual relationship usually does not involve an element of love, while long-term relationship has a more dynamic element to it.

DiegoM Answered:

Being in a relationship means balancing freedom with commitment to another person. You still need enough freedom to remain yourself and be individual. In relationships you have to keep focusing on the right things to make it work. Understand that women usually want men to listen to them while men may want woman to spend time doing something with them, like watching a football game. Be patient with one another. Don’t expect your partner to be perfect. Share your feelings and thoughts with them. Also share your secret hopes and dreams. It builds closeness.

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