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What is a honeymmon? Please tell some exotic places to explore.

Answers (6)

Oceanlover said on
A honeymoon is a trip that a recently married couple takes to spend some time alone together and to celebrate their recent uninon. The Caribbean is a beautiful place to go, there are many islands to choose from. Asia is also very therapeutic and relaxing. If oyu'e looking for a party destination, I'd suggest Ibiza or Miami.
JoshKim said on
A honeymoon, 9/10 times is an exotic location or destination that a newly married couple goes to tocelebrate their recent nuptials. South America and Mexico are very beautiful.
manofhouse said on
A honeymoon is when newlyweds go on a getaway usually right after their wedding. Some great places to go to are beach destinations such as the Maldives, or the Caribbean. South East Asia is also a great place to look at if you like to try out Asian food. Most importantly, pick a place where both of you can relax!
angelicarose said on
1. Norway: auroras
2. California: sunny beaches
3. Morocco: exotic locales
4. Australia: get back to nature
5. New Zealand: Amazing mountain views
6. Brazil: enjoy tropical party life
7. Mexico: A getaway on a budget
8. Thailand: Beaches, great food, warm hospitality
9. Bali (popular choice): totally romantic place
The best places to go on a honeymoon are secluded spots where a couple can spend time enjoying one another’s company without the interruption of other people or everyday life.  Usually the preferred location will depend on the couple’s interests.  Niagara Falls is a popular destination with a lot of couples.  Its majestic sights and picturesque village atmosphere make for an unforgettable vacation.  Other newlyweds might light to head to the Caribbean for a cruise or stay on one of the many islands in the area.  For those with a bit more wanderlust, a European honeymoon makes a perfect choice.
SHORT5 said on
A honeymoon is a special vacation which is traditionally taken by a newly married couple to celebrate their marriage and to have time alone together to bond their relationship. Couples often choose an exotic or romantic destination for their honeymoon. This could be a chalet overlooking a secluded bay, or it could be a hotel room in Paris with a view of the Eiffel tower. What about a trip on a luxury cruise liner in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? Or perhaps you prefer a secluded spot in the mountains where you can enjoy walks in the fresh air of the countryside.
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