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Are there any chances that can save a broken marriage? Please share some of them.

Are there any chances that can save a broken marriage? Please share some of them.

4 Answers

Marriage-Designer Answered:

Effectiveness goes hand-in-hand with how much you are willing to share. It can be hard for anyone to share the most private details of their life. Let alone, the problems and secrets of a relationship. It is plain awkward to be honest, but in front of a counselor it’s a necessity since you are in their office for a reason – to get help! What if we told you, you don’t have to share the most private things about you and not feel awkward, you don’t have to feel like you need to figure everything out on your own, through our amazing product which we will guide you through step-by-step, with 10 video vignette’s to walk you through, and a planner with some fun activities to connect with each other, The entire program can be completed in an afternoon and will cost less than one counseling session. Check us out and help us, help you in the process.

Briana117 Answered:

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SHORT5 Answered:

The chances of saving a broken marriage would depend on the reasons why the marriage is broken. Both partners need to realize that they need to change and they both need to be willing to learn new ways of relating to one another. If they are both ready to work on their marriage seriously and regard their marriage as a precious relationship which is worth saving, no matter the effort involved, then there is hope. But they will probably need some help in saving their marriage. It is advisable to see a trustworthy marriage counselor or therapist.


Many broken marriages can be saved, but both parties must want to keep the relationship intact, and it also involves a lot of hard work. When a relationship breaks down, deep wounds are created that have to be given a chance to heal. Staying in a dysfunctional relationship will often just make things worse, so it’s important to know when that’s the case. If physical or emotional abuse is going on, remember that the marriage can only be saved when everyone is safe because healing can only happen when everyone knows that they won’t be hurt all over again.

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