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What are the signs of a cheating boyfriend?

What are the signs of a cheating boyfriend?

10 Answers

AnanthiM Answered:

The biggest reason for cheating is a lack of emotional connection or the feeling that you’re not appreciated by your partner as much as you deserve. Anyone could resort to cheating as a way to getting everything they lack where they are person even if it means going out of the relationship to achieve that. 

When he will try to find tiny fault in you and try to fight with you. 

CABRERA Answered:

There are many signs which could possibly indicate a cheating boyfriend. If you carefully observe his behavior and listen to what he says, you may notice the inconsistencies which will confirm the suspicions that you may be having. If he says that he is not ready for a serious relationship but then continues to lead you on in a serious way it may mean he has someone else. He may give you just enough attention to keep you, but not enough to move your relationship forward. The way he handles his phone often shows signs of cheating, if he takes it in the bathroom with him and won’t allow you to touch it, or if his battery is “dead” most of the time when he is not with you, so you can’t reach him.


People who cheat on their romantic partners almost always feel guilt, which can make them behave strangely. Some boyfriends will pay extra attention, shower their girlfriend with gifts or take them to nice places. It can be a way of distracting themselves from the truth at the same time. Other guys will become moody and irritable, and avoid making plans or commitments with their girlfriend. They may nitpick or find fault compulsively, hoping to draw attention away from what they’re doing. In other cases, a boyfriend may simply become emotionally distant, unwilling to break up but not happy in the relationship.

Redrice89 Answered:

If he seems secretive and shares less and less about his life to you, that could be a tell-tale sign. However, some guys can be very blatant about their cheating, and openly chat exclusively with other girls or even just be surrounded by female friends all the time. Although the signs can be quite alarming, it is best not make any rash actions or decisions based on assumption alone. Try to get some real evidence of his cheating to get some closure. Sometimes people can get too suspicious for nothing!

Mesmerizer Answered:

By asking this question I assume you already witness the signs in your boyfrend and you are just searching for conformation. The good news is a cheating boyfriend is better than a cheating husband. You caught him on time! It's up to you to deside what to do next.

Manofhouse Answered:

Below are some signs that your boyfriend could be cheating on you. But please don’t take it as evidence! It is only speculation. 1. He spends less time with you. 2. He calls or texts you less often. 3. He always says that he is busy when you suggest a date. 4. He does his best to keep his phone or laptop contents a secret. 5. He starts to become very rude to you. 6. He keeps buying you gifts for no reason at all (a sign of guilt sometimes) 7. He spends his time chatting with many other girls instead of you. 8. He hangs out with a female friend a lot.

MarryMe Answered:

Less interest in you and not answering your calls are sure signs for a cheating boyfriend. A sudden wierd behaviour could also be a sign for cheating. Many "whrong number" calls also.

Amy508 Answered:

A cheating boyfriend may not be as difficult to catch as you may think. You need to be very vigilant of the sublte and not so sublte changes in gis behaviour. Some signs are that he has less time for you, he's showing less interest in you, he is more snappy than usual and he always has somewhere to be.

KarmaChameleon Answered:

Every man acts differently when theyre hiding something like another woman or mistress, but these signs have been very telling when it comes to an unfaithful boyfriend/husband/partner

  • phonce calls at weird hours
  • not wanting you to touch his phone or laptop
  • lots of excuses
  • him accusing you of being unfaithful

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