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What are the signs of infidelity in men?

What are the signs of infidelity in men?

3 Answers

CABRERA Answered:

Signs of infidelity in men can vary greatly and some men are so skilled at lying and hiding that you do not see any signs. Some of the more obvious ones may be becoming emotionally distant, angry, defensive and critical towards his wife, accusing her of being controlling. There may be a reported increase in working hours, meetings after work or trips out of town. He may suddenly begin paying extra attention to his appearance and grooming, buying new clothes and going to the gym. The wife may notice some change in their sex life, trying new techniques which he had practiced with someone else. He may appear to have new energy and zeal, and may be seen not wearing his wedding ring.

TRUJILLO Answered:

When a man is unfaithful, he usually experiences a lot of guilt about his behavior. As a result, it’s not uncommon for cheating husbands to overcompensate by giving lavish gifts. Another sign can be if they pull away or are more withdrawn, less interested in sex, etc. But be careful to rule out other possible reasons for such behavior before letting suspicions run wild. Stress at work or home, poor diet or lack of sleep can also result in similar moodiness. It’s best to approach your husband or boyfriend if you’re concerned about cheating. You may discover you’re worried over nothing.

Tigger Answered:

If he starts to suddenly take added interest in his appearance, getting fit or buying new clothes, I would worry. If he becomes secretive about where he has been or about whom he is talking to online like on Facebook, I would also see those as warning signs. Keeping his phone with him at all times and walking away when he answers it so you can’t hear the conversation should also set alarm bells ringing. Unless you are a very insecure type pf person, anything that sets off a question in your mind should not be ignored. We sub-consciously pick up signals that our conscious mind might not notice.

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