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Should singles above 40's indulge in mature dating?

Should singles above 40's indulge in mature dating?

3 Answers

Abigail Answered:

Of course, why not! Dating is a great way to meet you future partner and settle into a happy, lifelong relationship. Seek other singles who are mature, share the same values as you, are honest and on the same wavelength as you. Dating may seem exhausting at times, but be positive and do not waste time on those you feel are not worthy of your love and attention. Only invest in those individuals whom you know you can prepare a marriage with. That would be the best advice I can offer.

LAMB56 Answered:

There is no rule about what age you should or shouldn’t date. This is a very personal matter and depends on the circumstances of the individual. People who have reached the age of forty or more have hopefully by now learnt from some of their mistakes and would be more vigilant and aware of potential pitfalls in relationships. They should give careful thought to their relationships so far and try not to make the same mistakes again. Mature Dating is good if it is indeed “mature” in the sense that you are honest about yourself and your goals and no longer feel the need to “play games” with others for your own selfish reasons.

TRUJILLO Answered:

There are some who would say that an older person, whether widowed, divorced or never married doesn’t need to date because they’re not having any more kids, but that approach sort of misses the point. Human beings are very social animals, and when we don’t have close relationships our health will actually suffer. It’s not only OK but in fact quite advisable for single people over 40 to indulge in dating, because we all need someone special we can depend on for companionship and support. This is especially true as we age, because older couples can support one another with most minor health issues.

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