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I do not want to be in a relationship now. Tell me how can I end it?

I do not want to be in a relationship now. Tell me how can I end it?

7 Answers

FRANK7 Answered:

Ending a relationship can be very difficult and painful especially if you have been in it for some length of time. The way you go about ending it would depend on the nature of your relationship and the character and personality of the one you will be leaving. By now you would know them quite well so you would have some idea how they might take the news of your break up. If they are a controlling and unstable person who is co-dependent on you, you will need to be prepared for some backlash and possible threats and recriminations. Prepare yourself carefully and then tell the person very clearly and honestly that the relationship is over. It is less painful for all concerned if you sever ties completely and move on.

TRUJILLO Answered:

When two people are in a relationship and one wants it to end, the relationship cannot continue. The job of telling the other person that you want out can be emotionally challenging, even scary. To end things on the best possible terms, you’ll want to: · Think ahead about when and how to talk. Don’t just wait for it to come up when you’re angry. · Consider the reaction you’re likely to get. Sometimes it’s best to deliver the news calmly, saying, “I don’t want to discuss it. This just isn’t working for me.” Or something to that effect. · If you’re worried for your safety, take an advocate and have a plan to keep yourself safe.

Mesmerizer Answered:

If you ask her, there is no good way to break up but an honest and gentle conversation can make it easier. And be online for her next couple of weeks.

FreeWill Answered:

If you need some time on your own, say so. Be gentle and honest, but true to yourself and, yes, make it personally :)

KarmaChameleon Answered:

I definitely agree with Garfield. You need to break up with her face to face. Doing it via some form of technology is just adding salt to the wound. Make some time to have a serious discsiion with her and tell her that you can't see a future for the two of you, unless it's as friends. By honest but not harsh about your feelings.

JoshKim Answered:

Make sure that this is what you really want before you do it. As was stated before, be gentle with the person but tell them the truth. Don't make it seem like it's her fault though.

Garfield Answered:

Be gentle in clearly stating how you feel about the relationship and why things are not working out. Let her know that you still care about her but that things are not working as expected. It'sbest to meet, have a heart-t-heart dialogue and do it as nicely as possible. Do not break-up over text or Skype or a phone call.

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