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How to look for new places for a romantic getaway?

How to look for new places for a romantic getaway?

6 Answers

FRANK7 Answered:

Places which are available for a romantic getaway would depend on where you are living and how far you would be prepared to travel. You can always do research online to discover attractive destinations, or visit your nearest travel agent. Decide whether you want to be in the countryside, in the mountains, or at the seaside. Or would you prefer somewhere with the bright city lights and fun places to go and things to do? Perhaps you would like a quiet walk in the forest with your beloved, or an exciting roller coaster ride before you return to your hotel room for a romantic candle lit dinner?

HighSpirit Answered:

I have friends who travel Asia and share lovely pics from their trips. They organize it by themselves and say it's really cheap when you don't use travel agencies. They read forums, Tripadvisor is one of their main sourses of information.

MEJIA87 Answered:

If you’ve exhausted the list of go-to romantic getaways, there are some new ideas you can try. · Travel blogs offer interesting ideas about secluded places and unusual getaways, often with awe-inspiring views. · Romance isn’t always dependent on a classically romantic setting. If your spouse is interested in a special place or activity, going there together can be incredibly romantic simply because you have the chance to share a precious experience. · Consider a walk down memory lane. Returning to a special place from your past together, such as the place you met or had your first date, can be a very romantic idea.

SimplyBeing Answered:

There's no question that world is vast and there are so many places to see and I would travel to all of them if I could! However, I think sometimes couples hold off on doing these romantic things because they think it has to be something grand and over-the-top. It doesn't have to be! I bet there are little towns just hours from where most people live that can be romantic. When my fiance (now husband) and I lived in the Dominican Republic there was a town two hours from us that had a truly gorgeous all-inclusive resort that you could buy a day pass for. So, even if you couldn't afford to stay at the fancy hotel, you could still take advantage of everything else. P.S.We did end up having our marriage ceremony there, though, and got to stay in the lovely rooms!

FreeWill Answered:

Good advice QTinLA :) It really matters what makes you feel romantic - cozy restaurants, stunning landscapes, ancient towns, beautiful gardens.. Internet is a good source of information, friends recommendations also :)

QTinLA Answered:

I do a lot of online research when I’m planning a trip. There are a lot of sites that could provide useful information. One of the sites that I really like to go to whenever I travel is TripAdvisor. You can enter information about a particular place or you can do a basic internet search and the forum for that particular topic will usually come up. I read a lot of the community posts about hotels and restaurants even taxi cabs before I make any plans.

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