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What are the warning signs of troubled marriage?

What are the warning signs of troubled marriage?

6 Answers

FRANK7 Answered:

The warning signs of a troubled marriage can be many and varied, depending on the circumstances and the personalities of the individuals. Generally, if a couple no longer spends as much time together as they used to, and they appear to be drifting apart and living separate lives to a large extent, this can mean trouble. If they make sarcastic or bitter comments about their spouse, whether or not the spouse is present, this is not a good sign. If a couple finds that they have very little eye contact and do not have much to talk about when they are alone together, then they are probably in trouble.

HighSpirit Answered:

Lack of communication and quality time spent together, no kiss for mornin, evenin, hello beauty.. Your intuition I guess is warning you the marriage is in trouble, you just needed to verify that feeling. Well, you could be the first to walk out officially as his soul has left you long time ago.

Hannah Answered:

There are many signs that reveal your marriage is in trouble. Identify the problem areas; once you know the gaps, you can tackle them better.

TRUJILLO Answered:

Troubled marriages may have many warning signs, but the situation must be looked at holistically. Patterns of negative behavior may indicate underlying problems, while single instances of the following are not a sign of marriage trouble: · Moodiness / irritability · Secretiveness · Manipulative behavior · Talking over someone / not listening · Dismissing spouse’s feelings / concerns · Controlling behavior / disrespect for boundaries · Abusive behavior (physical, financial, mental, sexual) · Not being around a lot / couples who don’t spend much time together · Disagreement about fundamental issues, such as whether to have children, which religion, etc.

Michelle Answered:

Yes there definitely are but you have to be very vigilant to pick up on them in the early stages. It can be things like less talking on the phone, more time at work, less time spent together, more arguing over petty things, less compliments being shared, being secretive, less communication, etc. All of these need to be unexplained occurences.

MorninLove Answered:

Most warning sign of troubled marriage is alienation. When space between partners grows though they physically share a bed.

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