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How relationship therapy sessions can help couples on the rock?

How relationship therapy sessions can help couples on the rock?

3 Answers

FRANK7 Answered:

Relationship therapy sessions can be a great help to couples who are struggling and find that their marriage is on the rocks. Often there is so much tension at home that it is difficult to have a conversation or discussion about important issues without ending up in a fight. But when you are with the therapist it is a safe and controlled environment where sensitive and hurtful issues can be brought out onto the table and looked at carefully with the help of the therapist. In this way you can learn new and effective ways of talking with each other and eventually you will be able to relate better when you are alone at home together.

TRUJILLO Answered:

Couples counseling can be helpful in several ways. First, most couples learn good communication skills and how to respect each other’s boundaries. Second, the therapist is trained to spot communication patterns that trigger arguments, so he or she may be able to help you learn how to defuse things when conflict arises. Also, relationship therapists often assign exercises that can help rebuild lost trust and affection. Their training allows them to gain insight into how each individual relationship works and where it breaks down, and they can help you reclaim a sense of partnership in your relationship through teamwork.

SashaL Answered:

The fact that you are both willing to go to counselling together shows that you want to save your marriage. It is best to go together so that you can hear what the other has to say, because most of the time we get so busy trying to get our partner to see our side of the story that we stop listening. A therapist will provide a neutral, calm environment to talk things out in, and she will know what questions to ask to help you identify problem areas. She will also know common problems in marriages and how they can be resolved.

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