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How can I save my failing marriage?

Answers (6)

Garfield said on
Take a fresh approach to your marriage. You already know which areas you are struggling with. Sit down with your spouse and have a heart-to-heart dialogue or ask for professional help. With simple changes in attitude, thoughts and actions, you can not only save your marriage but also greatly improve it.
MorninLove said on
Yes, an open conversation is needed. Tell him/her that you need to talk and set an appointment for dinner, for example. Don't ambush with moody questions, that won't work.
TRUJILLO said on
Marriages usually fail for one or more (usually a combination) of a few reasons:

·       Infidelity

·       Growing apart

·       Disrespect

·       Broken trust

·       Loss of intimacy In cases of infidelity and broken trust, reestablishing trust is key.  Start small by trusting each other with your feelings, and then handle one another with care.  Couples who’ve suffered a loss of intimacy or who are just growing apart may need a boost to reconnect to the bond they both share.  Consider a weekend away or a regular date night.  You could even take a class together or compete as a team in a sport or game.
HighSpirit said on
Well, there is saying that men like women with high levels of feminine energy so the best you can do is to increase yours :) You may find enough information on this topic online for a starting point. I may asure you when you do that he will stick to you! The best way to save a marriage is to be the energy sourse he needs.
SHAW54 said on
Although every relationship is different, marriages often fail for similar reasons.  These include:
·        Not feeling loved – talk to your partner about what makes you feel loved and how you can show your spouse love in return.  The feeling of love is not enough to sustain a marriage.  Acts of love must be prioritized so that both partners feel the presence of that love every day.
·        Lack of trust or respect – One or both spouses may not feel they get the respect they deserve, and may not trust one
another.  Deal with the root causes to fix the marriage.
SHORT5 said on
It is great that you want to save your marriage and that you are asking for help. You need to take a very careful look at what exactly are the issues contributing to the failure of your marriage. Have you grown apart because you are both just too busy to spend time together? Is your partner abusive in any way, always insisting on having his or her own way, and always blaming the other person? Or has there been unfaithfulness? Once you have identified the root problems, you can go about addressing them, and get the professional help that you need. Keep asking till you get help. You are not alone and many people have experienced similar things to you.
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