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Is saving your marriage for years worth even if it's grounds are not strong?

Is saving your marriage for years worth even if it's grounds are not strong?

4 Answers

SHORT5 Answered:

This is a question which only you can find the answer for. You need to weigh up what your marriage really means to you, what you would lose if you were no longer married, and what you would gain. Think of all the people who would be affected, such as children and family, and speak to trusted friends and advisers who know your situation. Do not take this decision quickly or lightly, so that when you do finally decide you will be at peace with your decision and you will not question yourself afterwards.

SashaL Answered:

If both parties are willing to work together to save the marriage, anything is possible. However, it cannot be saved if one party does not care enough to try. I would go to counselling to get n objective view on the matter. They will be ble to guide you to fix your marriage if it can be fixed or help you to see that it would be better for both parties to end it. Do not put off getting help as the problems will not go away. In fact, resntments and anger only grow the more we try to bury them.

TRUJILLO Answered:

It helps to define what strong grounds mean. Relationships are rooted in love, but also trust and respect. If you have these three things, you can solve whatever problems come your way, should you choose to do so. If trust is broken, the real question is, can you trust this person again? Respect can be a problem if one spouse doesn’t respect the other one’s opinions, rights, boundaries, feelings and needs. The question then becomes, will the spouse ever respect the other fully? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you may be able to save the marriage – which would of course be worth it.

CUEVAS Answered:

What do you mean the grounds are not strong? Is the problem too drastic that it cannot be changed at all? Whatever be the case, know that you can save your marriage if you both intend to. Please speak to a therapist and get help immediately.

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