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Why married people seek an affair outside the marriage?

Why married people seek an affair outside the marriage?

6 Answers

SHORT5 Answered:

Some married couples think that having an “open” marriage where they are free to have outside affairs will keep their marriage relationship fresh and exciting. This is a lie. Any sexually intimate relationship outside of marriage undermines and destroys the marriage relationship. The only reason why married people would seek an affair outside the marriage is if they were not satisfied with their spouse and they think they need the excitement of being with someone else. This is very unfair to the marriage relationship and makes a mockery of their promises to one another.

HighSpirit Answered:

People seek an affair ouside the marriage for many reasons, many of them pointed in answers above. Lack of deep connection in the marriage is one of top three reasons. Use your energy to rebuild the connection with your spouse and he won't seek for anything ouside :)

TRUJILLO Answered:

Extramarital affairs are usually the result of some kind of unmet need. Often the one doing the cheating has no idea what need they were fulfilling when they were unfaithful, but experience a sort of compulsion and regret cycle. The difficulty in identifying the need is that it may stem from many things, including: · feelings of insecurity · historyof bad relationships · expectation the other will cheat · intimacy problems within the marriage · inability to ask for what you need and many other possible sources. If the cheater can discover what need the affair fulfills, s/he may be able to understand how to meet that need in another, more acceptable way.

LindaL Answered:

Sad but true. When people get married before they are ready or get married because their partner got pregnant and propose is the right thing to be done. In this case trying to build a happy life for the future child chains two people together in an union they don't feel comfortable with and affairs outside the marriage are the only options of fulfillment.

Michelle Answered:

Some people cheat because they're bored in the bedroom. They're gotten tired and used to the same old sex year after year. You should keep things fun and spicy and not the same old stale things. Some people also cheat because their partners aren't willing to do the things that they want to do in the bedroom.

KarmaChameleon Answered:

Unhappiness, at least that's the main reason why women do it. Some men also cheat because they arent happy with their spouse. Others do it just for the thrill of it and that they like having multiple men and women to sleep with. Others were simply not ready for marriage but did it anyway, and now can't stay true to their vows.

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