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What are the most irritating things about casual dating?

What are the most irritating things about casual dating?

7 Answers

SHORT5 Answered:

The most irritating thing about casual dating is exactly that – it’s casual. Another word for casual could be superficial. If you want a serious relationship, or if you really start to care for someone, then you will begin to realize the emptiness of casual dating. The danger is that you may also become insensitive about relationships and pass by someone who might truly love you in a deep and meaningful way, simply because you have become so used to the “casual” lifestyle, while your chances of finding true and serious love may be slipping away.

Itshazyhere Answered:

Casual dating huh? To me, dating itself has got something to do with emotions, and casual dating usually tries to take that away by attempting to eliminate the emotions while taking away the commitments. But is just not possbile. Casual relationships are just not built to last. If carried on an sustained, one party in the casual relationship will usually develop feeling for the other, and complicate the very idea of the relationship.

Manofhouse Answered:

In wikipedia casual sex is defined as "​Casual dating or a casual relationship is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have casual sex or a near-sexual relationship without necessarily demanding or expecting the extra commitments of a more formal romantic relationship." From the definition we can already see that casual dating is not like real dating or relationships at all, and usually is formed because of physical and sexual desires. The most irritating thing about casual relationships is the reason why it was formed at all. It restricts the natural flow of feelings and creates a false sense of intimacy that has no place to be developed.

TRUJILLO Answered:

Casual dating comes with it many pleasures and also some irritations. For one, many single people with no one special in their lives around the holidays experience depression or anxiety related to their single status. Also, casual dating means having a lot of first dates, which can be stressful for anyone. Trying to always have your best foot forward can be exhausting. When dating casually means seeing two or more people simultaneously, things can get dicey. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by mentioning someone else, but it’s hard to be candid and open, which is necessary in order to make a connection with the person you’re with.

SimplyBeing Answered:

For me, I remember always feeling like I had to do everything in my power to make this guy like me. So, there was always a lot of stress tied in to the situation. Granted, this was something that was coming from within me, and not necessarily reflective of him, but in hindsight it's annoying to think that I put so much pressure on myself. I guess what I'm saying is that putting a lot of pressure on yourself or on your date to be the ideal person is never good. Also, like Michelle said when your date is so self-involved you just end up sitting there being talked at. A big, big problem for me was dating men who didn't take initiative. They just wanted to "play it by ear" instead of make real plans with me.

Michelle Answered:

When dating, let's get real, you probably won't like everything about the person you're seeing right off the bat but here is a list of pet peeves that could just get your blood boiling: 1. Your date not showing up 2. Your date (if you're a girl) not paying the bill on the first date 3. Bad hygiene 4. Awful vocabulary 5. Dates who just can't stop talking about themselves

QTinLA Answered:

Living in Los Angeles, it’s very difficult to compete with the women here. Every woman is gorgeous and every guy thinks he has a shot at a beautiful woman. The expectations are ridiculous. Guys seem to want perfection, so they’ll pass you over, if they think they can do better. I’m sure this is the case in other parts of the world, too, but it just seems like every one is an actress or a model or something.

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