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I am looking for a friend. Can you tell me where I can make friends online?

I am looking for a friend. Can you tell me where I can make friends online?

8 Answers

Atruelove2005 Answered:

Should You Keep Being Friends with an Ex? When we leave our significant other or they leave us, staying as friends isn’t usually the first thought that comes into our minds. But later on in life, when the echoes of our quarrels have died down and our hearts have healed, our minds tend to drift to thoughts of our ex, especially if they’ve been part of our lives for quite some time. We think about the one that got away and what it could have been had things worked out with them. We see their pictures on social media and wonder why you’re still friends in Facebook. Then we ask ourselves if it’s okay to keep being friends with an ex. Is it really alright, though? Personally, I think being friends with an ex can be beneficial. It’s a sign of maturity that we’re able to accept an ex’s friendship without attaching any romantic feelings. It’s also good for closure, like if you had a falling-out with your partner and your relationship ended abruptly, revisiting your relationship some time later can help weave the wounds close. It gives us an opportunity to forgive and forget and release any grudge we hold in our hearts. Peacefully, of course. A platonic friendship with an ex is great for practical reasons too. I know a guy who still lives with his ex-girlfriend. They’ve been in a relationship for around eight years in the same house, and they had stuff they bought and paid for together. When they fell out of love, they just agreed to keep the status quo as it would’ve been too much trouble sorting out who owns this piece of furniture, or that unwashed plushy. In times of need, each of them still provides for the other even if they’re no longer dating. It may seem like they’re still a couple, but they’ve agreed that that’s not the case and that there’s no more romantic love between them anymore. It’s just simple friendship between two ex-lovers. When we’ve broken up with someone, we sometimes think that that was the end, that there’s nothing to think about anymore as it is over and there’s no getting back together. But sometimes, something beautiful can remain buried beneath the ashes of a failed relationship. Being friends with an ex can lead to a different sort of friendship. Do you think being friends with an ex is good? Share some of your stories.

SHORT5 Answered:

There are many avenues in which you can meet friends online, such as facebook or dating websites. If you research what is available in your area you will no doubt find several options. If you would like a friendship which is more than “virtual” perhaps you might consider exploring some possibilities in your local church or different hobby or sports clubs around the region where you live. That way you could meet likeminded people who share your interests and you would be able to develop face to face friendships. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and ask someone to join you on a social outing.

Itshazyhere Answered:

Try dating websites. I found a lot of my online friends from there, and some of them are still my friends who I talk with regularly. Also, as everyone has mentioned, forums are great as well. It helps to not be restrictive about the type of friends you can make if you are really looking for purely friendship.

HighSpirit Answered:

Also forums are good to find friends online. People there share interests, ideas, oppinions, music, recepies, discuss books and films.. You shall try there :)

Manofhouse Answered:

Although you can meet friends from dating websites, most of them are looking for casual sex or serious relationships. You would have much better luck with interest-based websites such as Facebook groups as LindaL and TRUJILLO and SashaL said. Online gaming sites are also a great way to meet friends you have the same interest as you for sure. Just make sure to take precaution when making friends online as there will be bad people out there looking to scare you. Use your discretion and enjoy making friends!

LindaL Answered:

Facebook is a good social media to make friends as most profiles belong to real people and what you see on their news walls are their interests so you can easily judge are you interested or not :) You can find facebook groups to discuss interesting topics and by expressing your personal opinion, feelings and emotions to attract the right people online :)

TRUJILLO Answered:

Most people make friends online by connecting to topics and activities that interest them. The online world is so vast that it can be overwhelming, but think of it as a virtual version of everything you already know. People who read the same books, share the same hobbies and/or share the same profession have automatic places to congregate in online fan clubs, forums, discussion boards and trade association websites. Try using social media to connect with groups and trends that interest you, too. Or just google the name of your favorite author, musician, sports team or pet. You’ll find many people online to connect to who enjoy those things too.

SashaL Answered:

I would be careful about making friends online. How do you know that they are telling you the truth about themselves? Many paedophiles and sex offenders use the internet to make friends with unsuspecting, vulnerable people. My advice would be to join a social media site like Facebook where you can connect with people you know and look up people you have lost contact with. Do not accept invitations from people you don’t know.

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