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Does marriage healing require patience for both spouses?

Does marriage healing require patience for both spouses?

4 Answers

LAMB56 Answered:

Patience is essential for most important things in life, including marriage healing. Because there has been a lot of hurt and damage, you need to be very patient with each other and also with yourself. Know that you are on the road to healing and that it will be a long journey consisting of many small steps. So pace yourself and rest when you need to. Set small goals for yourself and celebrate when you see some progress no matter how small it is. And don’t forget to constantly affirm your spouse when you see them doing something good and right.

HighSpirit Answered:

Marriage healing requires first of all the strong will of both spouses to fix their union and it doesn't happen with a magic stick for a moment. It takes time and a strong will to walk the path till the end and not to give it up, no matter how hard and meaningless it feels at moments. Support each others and use professional help if needed. And be patient. Both of you!

TRUJILLO Answered:

You’ve heard the phrase, “time heals all wounds.” That is true, but there are things we can do to promote healing. Of course both spouses will need to be patient when working on healing, but you can also: · Learn active listening skills, including restating/rephrasing and the use of “I statements.” · Seek individual therapies, including physical and mental therapies to improve the health of your body and mind. · Take a class together or jump out of an airplane – together. Activities that improve your bond and strengthen trust should be prioritized. · Most of all, have fun together. Laughter is, in this case, the best medicine.

SmoothOperator Answered:

Yes, healing a marriage reqires patience for both spouses and a strong will to fix things, ability to forgive and time :)

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