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What are the flirting tips for women to attract men towards them?

What are the flirting tips for women to attract men towards them?

4 Answers

LAMB56 Answered:

It is possible to be very attractive to men without resorting to flirting. If you concentrate on being a person of integrity, with an interesting character, someone who is caring and compassionate towards others, you will find that you attract the kind of men who would value you as a person. Do you want to flirt and attract a man who only appreciates you sexually? Or do you want to have a genuine relationship with a sincere man who appreciates and recognizes the valuable person that you are on the inside? Work on your inner beauty and it will shine on the outside also

TRUJILLO Answered:

Usually when a woman wants to attract a man, she shows special attention to her appearance and gives him a lot of her attention. You’ve heard the phrase, “hanging on his every word.” This refers to the way a woman who’s attracted to a man will listen very intently, giving him all of her attention, which most men find endearing. Paying him compliments is another way to catch his interest. You don’t want to be too obvious here, so think of it like a dance. If you take a step and he follows your lead, you are dancing partners. If he pays no heed to your attentions, chances are he’s not interested.

SimplyBeing Answered:

I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction. The face that you show to the world tells the Universe what it is you feel about yourself and how you relate to the world. In this sense, Confidence and Positivity are my tips for you. I have seen moderately cute women have men praising them and pursuing them because they radiate so much confidence that the men just want to be around her. Being positive about life and your circumstances also draws people to you.

QTinLA Answered:

One of the best dating tips I would give to a woman is to smile. So many women are walking around with very serious frowns and this is completely unattractive. Nobody wants to go up to a woman who is too serious. When you smile you are saying to the world that you are a happy person who expects good things to happen to you, and so they will!

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