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Is flirting with women possible without being creepy?

Is flirting with women possible without being creepy?

7 Answers


The most important consideration with regard to how you treat women is knowing what your motivation is and what your intentions are. If you are serious about the relationship and you genuinely want to get to know her better, then you probably won’t come across as creepy. But if you are not serious, and you are playing with her emotions just because you can, and because you find it amusing to be able to get a reaction out of her, then you are being a creep. When you learn to treat women with dignity and respect you will be able to have a quality relationship with someone you would like to spend the rest of your life with.

Itshazyhere Answered:

Be polite and have a lighthearted take and you can definitely enjoy flirting without being like a creep. Usually desperate guys are labelled as the creeps because they use flirting as a form of going for the kill - i.e. they think that by flirting with a girl, they can have sex with them, and when it seems that they are going nowhere near the goal, they start acting out, which can come off as creepy.

Manofhouse Answered:

It is definitely possible. What's important is not to take it so seriously. Flirting should be fun and carefree, like you are talking to friend - albeit a possibly hot and attractive one. Start by introducing yourself and asking about the lady and her interests. Try not to use those clichéd pick-up lines. Once the lady is comfortable, then compliment her eyes or smile. Read her body language to know if you should lean in close or not.

TRUJILLO Answered:

What makes flirting creepy for most women is the imbalance of interest someone might show toward them when they haven’t expressed any in return. You can flirt without being creepy, but you’ll have to take into account more than just how you feel about the object of your desire. Consider their feelings too, as well as their behavior. Have they shown any interest in you? If you pay a compliment, is it well received? If you’re still not sure, try asking them what kind of person they’d be interested in. The answer should indicate clearly whether they would include you in their definition of the ideal partner.

SimplyBeing Answered:

Haha, yes of course! Most of the time flirting is not creepy. It only gets creepy if, like Michelle said, the conversation is inappropriate. In those instances it almost immediately turns very creepy for the woman and she wants nothing more to do with the man.

In my opinion flirting always starts with eye contact and a smile. If she is receptive to that then the conversation should flow from that.

Michelle Answered:

Ofcourse it can! You need to have boudaries, especially if you're flirting with a woman you just met or just started dating. Refrain from discussing sex or sexual positions and fantasies; it's a bit too soon for that. Don't say anything you think a stalker would say, like you'd want to live in their hair or anythig weird like that.

QTinLA Answered:

Clarke, it is absolutely possible to flirt with women without being creepy! The easiest thing to do is be yourself, but also be respectful and show her that you are interested in something about her. You can never, ever go wrong with a compliment as long as it is sincere. Women love to hear compliments about their fashion sense or their personality.

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