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Is flirting risky if I am married?

Answers (12)

KarmaChameleon said on
Yes it is! Don't risk losing your marriage for a two second conversation. Some people consider flirting to be cheating, so it's best to not do it at all. And I'm sure you wouldn't like seeing your husband fliritng with another or numerous females, so don't do it to him. Flirt with him if you need to.
Michelle said on
If your wife or  husband doesn't mind and he's given you the ok to indulge in a little harmelss flirting then I guess you can. Be careful though, fliritng could lead to you developing feelings for that person and driving a wedge between you and your spouse. I honestly believe that flirting while married is a recipe for infidelity and a disaster.
TRUJILLO said on
The best advice will depend on the marriage and the relationship expectations you have established with your spouse, but more often than not the answer is yes.  Some marriages have different rules about how to define infidelity, meaning that flirting or even kissing someone else might be allowed.  If you don’t have an open relationship, consider asking your spouse how they would feel about you flirting with someone else, and use their feelings as your guide. Remember that you want to be with this person for the rest of your life, and that causing them pain will ultimately hurt you both.
manofhouse said on
To be really honest, it's only risky if you intend to do more than flirting and if you do it infront of your wife. Casual flirting such as giving a compliment or even getting one can help bolster one’s self-esteem to a certain extent, which can help you to appear more confident in front of your spouse. Make sure to stop it at harmless flirting though!
Hannah said on
Of course it is! You never know where a supposedly harmless act of flirting may take you. Why risk your marriage and sanity for it? Infidelity begins with such small incidents...
anthonyjones said on
No, not at all. Only if you keep it at flirting though. Make sure there is no bodily contact with the other person, and you should be fine. I'm pretty sure your spouse flirts with other people as well without the intention of going forward with anything. Sometimes we might unknowingly flirt as well.
If it is your husband or wife that you are flirting with then it could work for you. However, if you are thinking about flirting with other men or women you need to ask yourself what kind of message you are sending. A married man or woman who flirts with other people is probably not satisfied with his or her own spouse, or is bored and seeks entertainment with other people’s husbands or
wives. They may enjoy this for a while, but it is certainly not a way to gain respect or to be thought of as an honorable man or woman.
LunaTam said on
Flirting is so normal, so a part of what we are as a species. My husband is what you'd call a 'natural ' flirt. It's his personality. Some call it charm. Some find it humorous. I've witnessed it first hand and I gotta tell ya, I was okay with it. Now.....on the other hand there should be communication between the two of you as to how far is too far, how much is too much. I ask him to not deliver sexual innuendos and absolutely no direct physical contact, like a big hug or a hand on the shoulder. If I find myself uncomfortable with how he is behaving, i say something to him (privately). Also if there is a woman being too forward. I'll let him know and he can pull back on his charm
Jaime said on
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mikejonesmj08 said on
Absolutely, flirting can be risky after marriage while you get caught by your spouse either red handed or in reference. It can also break your current relationship. My suggestion is that why to flirt with someone else  when you are married, you have our spouse with whom you can flirt anytime which can also make the relationship more stronger.
Zena63 said on
Its So wrong if your Married. How would you like it if your wife started flirting with someone right in front of you?  Go back to being single if you want To flirt. This is why marriages end because it leads to cheating after the flirting.
stecoet46 said on
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