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How much time does healing a marriage take?

How much time does healing a marriage take?

6 Answers


The time that it takes for a marriage to heal will depend on several factors, such how long you have been married, and the reasons for the breakdown that has occurred. The individual personalities and character of each spouse will also determine the direction that the path of healing will take. In fact one should not set a time frame on healing. The main concern is the direction in which you are moving – forwards – step by step, slowly but surely. In time you will be able to look back and say with a thankful heart “things are better now than they were before.” Give yourself and your spouse all the time that you need.

HighSpirit Answered:

It depends on the ussues you are trying to heal and the will you both have to fix your marriage. Be patient and give it time!

TRUJILLO Answered:

There is no prescription for how much time marital wounds may take to heal. The answer will depend on each partner and the situation that caused the damage. This isn’t something that can just be waited out. Stuffing down feelings of resentment and hurt will make the healing process take longer, while working together to solve the underlying marital problems will promote healing and bring the couple together. It may be helpful to think of your marriage like a savings account. Sure, if you let it sit there and add nothing to it, the value will increase a little each year; however, if you make routine deposits, it will flourish.

SmoothOperator Answered:

Healing is an unique process out of time. It is very individual, up to your ability to forgive, give a second chance, trust again and, of course, how strong and deep your love is. Be patient and bare in mind that it takes two willing to heal a relationship.

Michelle Answered:

It also depends on what kind of person you are. Are you very forgiving or do you hold grudges, becuase that can significantly lengthen or shorten the healing process depending on what your wife or husband or both of you have done to hurt each other. Counseling and therapy may help speed things along a little.

KarmaChameleon Answered:

It really depends on what you're trying to fix. If it's something like infidelity or abuse, it will probably take months, if not years. These two issues often become deep rooted and will take a very very long time to heal. The smaller things should like addressing pet peeves or little nuisances take less time.

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