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I am having an affair with my boss. How can I hide this truth from my husband?

Answers (9)

WEST54 said on
Hide this truth? Are you serious? You are in a marriage and that is not a joke. Please reflect on what you are doing. You need to be serious and fully aware of your actions. If you think your marriage is over, then go ahead and divorce your husband but  he needs to know about it. But if you want to re-think this over, then please end the cheating, and discuss how you can improve your marriage. Your marriage can be saved after infidelity. You can even seek professional help or get advice from family members on this subject.

rolanjenny said on Jun 13

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KarmaChameleon said on
You should never engage in an extramarital affir, let alone with your boss. Don't keep something like that from your spouse any longer! You should tell him the truth and let him decide what his next move is. If you're so unfulfilled, you should have left him before breaking his heart.
SmoothOperator said on
You should choose one of them. The sooner, the better. Hiding an affair wth your boss from your husband is not an option.
Michelle said on
You probably don't even deserve your husband. Why take measures to cover up what you're doing? Are you doing it for a raise, for a promotion? This is really sad. You should just end your marriage, that way you'll be free to sleep with whoever you want to without having to hide anything, unless of course your boss is also married.
MEJIA87 said on
Having an extramarital affair is not recommended, and it would be unethical to give advice on how to hide the truth.  Instead, the best advice would be to figure out why you’re having an affair and do something with that information.  What purpose does this relationship serve?  Are you getting something from that relationship that you can’t get from your marriage?  Why does it seem less risky to have an affair that could destroy your marriage than to ask your husband for what you really need in your marriage?  What’s the worst thing that could happen if you ask for what you need?
HighSpirit said on
Mejia87 is right, you should figure out why you have an affair, what is lacking in your marriage to push you in someone else's hands. If it cannot be fixed, separatewith your husband officially and then have a relationship with your boss. Though your boss may be happy with the situation now as he is married also.. Ask yourself what you are searching for and where you could find it for long terms. No one here is judging you, just offering some objective opinions, trying to help.
You may be able to hide this truth from your husband for a while, but at some stage he is sure to find out. What you need to ask yourself is why you are doing this and whether your marriage is of so little value to you that you feel it is ok to be unfaithful to your husband. When you have decided if your marriage is still important to you or not, then the best thing would be to confess honestly to your husband and ask his forgiveness. You may need to change your workplace for the sake of saving your marriage.
mathisurendran said on
Extra marital affair can wreck your marriage. You say you want to hide your affair with your boss from your husband. How can you be so unthinking? Do you know what you are doing will ultimately end your marriage. Your boss too will outgrow you very soon. Do not feel smug that your husband will never know about your affair. He will definitely come to know about it. How can you face  him?
Loyalty in marriage is very important for its survival. Get out of the affair before it destroys your marriage.
Chalton100 said on
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