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Why women have extramarital affairs?

Why women have extramarital affairs?

4 Answers


Probably the number one reason why women have extramarital affairs is loneliness. Women crave and need conversation, affection and attention. If her husband is always at work, or always away, and if he does not pay attention to her, then the couple can start to drift apart and live essentially separate lives. A woman in this situation is extremely vulnerable, especially if she does not have other support structures such as family and girlfriends. If some other man starts giving her the attention and affection that she so desperately needs, then it can be very easy to fall into an affair, even if she loves her husband and wishes that he were the one caring for her.

MEJIA87 Answered:

Men and women have extramarital affairs for much the same reasons. There may be many sources of trouble, but the basic thing is they need something they aren’t getting get from their primary relationship. Sometimes, infidelity may mean there are underlying marital problems that should be addressed if at all possible, such as a lack of intimacy. Other times, cheating behavior can be chalked up to an insecurity complex. In this scenario, people seek out others who will validate their worth, whether that be along the lines of sexual desirability or some other area where the person is not fully confident in themselves.

SimplyBeing Answered:

I think for the most part women have affairs for the same reason that men do even if it doesn't appear that way on the surface. While it may seem that men are often after a different person to sleep with, we may be oversimplifying the needs of a man. Even if he goes to bed with another woman and does so in an attempt to get to sleep with her it's probably because he is actually lacking intimacy and a real connection with his spouse at home. This is the same reason women cheat it's just that maybe women take their time to get to the sexual portion. Maybe they do try to fulfill those emotional needs first and sex comes after..all in all it's still the same. I honestly think men and women both have affairs because they need to feel a connection with another human being and for some reason that connection is no longer present in the home.

QTinLA Answered:

Women get bored easily when they have too much time on their hands and maybe this is a reason that they have extra affairs. It’s best if the woman has something to keep her busy or something to take her mind off her troubles. I have heard also that women don’t feel appreciated by their partners so they look for someone else.

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