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How can I fix problems in marriage and overcome them?

How can I fix problems in marriage and overcome them?

4 Answers

MEJIA87 Answered:

Marriage is a partnership between two people so if there are problems, then both partners need to be willing to work together to overcome them. Both husband and wife need to acknowledge that there are problems and be open to changing their behavior and attitudes in order to bring about positive changes in their marriage. Whatever problem you are facing you need to be very honest and identify the cause and root of the problem, when it started and how you can deal with it effectively. If you have tried repeatedly and continue to struggle, it would be worth seeking help through a competent marriage counselor.

HighSpirit Answered:

To heal a marriage both partners need to be working together as SashaL and Mejia87 already mentioned above. Try to reconnect, be your husband's best friend, make him feel comfortable with you to share, let him talk about his feelings and needs. Then he can do the same for you. Work together, walk together, spend quality time together. If the problems can be overwhelmed you will do it, if not - you shall separate as friends who wish each other well :)

SashaL Answered:

Working together to fix the marriage is the only way it will be successful. A good idea is to get each partner to write out what they see as the problems. Then sit together in an environment where you are least likely to start yelling at each other, and discuss the lists. See if there are solutions that you can arrive at together. It helps to distance yourself slightly, by pretending that it is another couple you are talking about, or a problem at work that needs to be solved.

MEJIA87 Answered:

Marital problems can only be fixed with the help and active participation of both partners. Start by defining what you see as the main problems in your marriage and ask your spouse to do the same. See if they have a common root cause. It may be helpful to enlist the aid of a couples counselor or at least a trained conflict mediator. Over time, you will learn more about one another including how to avoid setting each other off. Your bond will grow each time you share something that makes you feel vulnerable and your spouse respects that vulnerability without attacking or arguing.

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