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How to tell others if I have a marriage problem?

How to tell others if I have a marriage problem?

4 Answers

HighSpirit Answered:

Michelle is right, there is no need to tell anyone you have a marriage problem, unless it's a family member. Talk to a marriage counselor if you feel the need to share and ask for advice.

Michelle Answered:

Why would you want to tell people about your marital problems in the first place? If it isn't your parents, his parents, your friends or kids, you should try to work it out with your husband. I don't think you should be discussing your problems with people who wont do anything to help you and those are people in your support system.

SmoothOperator Answered:

Maybe you shall talk to a dear friend first that you know you can trust. Sometimes people are too proud to admit they have problems in their family and think that the most important thing to be accepted as successful in society is to have a happy relationship and even when theirs is not so happy the pretend in front of others.

WRIGHT6 Answered:

Bringing others into your marital problems can be risky. First, be sure you understand your own motives for doing so. There are some good reasons for telling others what you’re going through, like getting support from your family and loved ones when you’re distressed. You should anticipate that they will have their own feelings about your marital problems, though, and they may give you advice, some of which will not be very helpful. If you need support that’s more objective, consider seeing a counselor. They are professionally trained to listen and give good advice.

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