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How should I talk to my husband about serious marriage problems?

How should I talk to my husband about serious marriage problems?

2 Answers

SashaL Answered:

It is so much easier just to ignore problems but they don’t go away. Tackling them is scary so it may help to have a family member of friend with you, though this may make your husband angry. Find a quiet place where you can talk but not a secluded one. Both of you are less likely to get really angry if you are sitting on a park bench than in your home, for example. Try to tell him how you feel without blaming or accusing him, which will only make him defensive.

WRIGHT6 Answered:

Raising the issue with your husband can be scary, and you’ll probably worry about how he’ll respond. If you have concerns about your safety once the matter is on the table, consider bringing a friend or clergy into the discussion – someone who can advocate for you and keep things civil. Whether you’re concerned about safety or just want to open a discourse, you should find a time when you and your husband are both relaxed. Use “I statements” to tell him how you’re feeling without assigning blame, and look for solutions as a couple. Remember, you are a team and you’ll need to face these problems together.

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