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How to bring up marriage counseling to your spouse?

How to bring up marriage counseling to your spouse?

2 Answers

SashaL Answered:

Your spouse might see it as criticism so you will have to be diplomatic about it. Choose a time when you are calm and expect him to get upset - that´s okay. If he loves you and wants to save the marriage, he will calm down and think it over. Confronting someone, even the person we love most in the world, is a difficult thing to do. It is wonderful that you are looking for ways to fix your marriage instead of ending it.

WRIGHT6 Answered:

If you’re thinking about seeing a marriage counselor, it’s best to raise the issue with your spouse when you’re both already relaxed. If you wait until you’re in the heat of an argument, it probably won’t go over well. It can be helpful to bring it up for discussion by using the problem-solution model. You’ll first need to gain agreement from your spouse that there is a problem, so start by confirming what you both know are the existing problems in the relationship. Follow that up by simply offering that one idea might be to go to marriage counseling, and be open to other solutions suggested by your spouse.

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