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I need advice on how to make my relationship work.

I need advice on how to make my relationship work.

4 Answers

PrettyMe Answered:

Deep connection is the core of a healthy relationship and you can achieve it by good communications on different levels. Respect and trust your partner, spend time together, be honest, be vulnerable, be authentic all the time. That is the most sure way to understand if you two can make it together :)

SashaL Answered:

Communication is the number 1 need in a relationship. If you can keep talking and discussing things, you can hopefully come to find solutions. Of course, if you land up having the same discussions all the time you may just be going around in circles. Then you need to step back and either get some professional help or tackle the problems another way. If you have a good relationship, cherish it. Don’t’ take it or your partner for granted. Praise them often and spend time with them. Make them feel important and valued.

FreeWill Answered:

Very good answer WRIGHT6, hope it was helpful :) For a specific advice and help MIRANDA need to share more information about her concerns in the relationship.

WRIGHT6 Answered:

Relationships work best when everyone involved gets what they need from the pairing. This can be in terms of emotional needs like trust, security, affection, respect, etc. or physical needs such as sexual desire or fulfillment and financial stability. If your relationship isn’t working, you can look at the problems in terms of each partner’s needs. It’s important to know the difference between wants and needs here, but if you look at what you need that you’re not getting, you might find the solution quickly. Also ask about your partner’s needs and be prepared to meet them halfway.

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