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How should newlyweds avoid marriage problems?

How should newlyweds avoid marriage problems?

2 Answers

SashaL Answered:

It´s great that you are trying to sort out the problems as newly-weds, instead of letting them fester and destroy your marriage at a later stage. Firstly, try to overlook small things. Learning to live with someone else is difficult, as you are both used to doing things your own way and you have to build a new, different life together. This doesn’t mean avoiding issues. Face the important things and sort them out immediately so that you can move on. Don’t keep quiet if something upsets you but voice your feelings calmly and quietly. Discuss things like family, raising children and how to deal with finances before they become problems. Allow each partner to deal with their own family or it can become extremely unpleasant.

WRIGHT6 Answered:

The best advice for newlyweds is to realize that relationships take work from both parties. Husbands and wives must be willing to learn from mistakes, grow together and individually, support each other no matter what and compromise when conflict arises. The bottom line is team work. Couples must learn to make decisions together as a team and practice equal partnership. None of this is as easy as it seems. Learning good communication skills early, practicing active listening and understanding one another’s different personality types can also be helpful in solving problems quickly when they do come up.

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