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Can you give me a relationship advice as to how communicate better?

Can you give me a relationship advice as to how communicate better?

3 Answers

Tawnee Answered:

Be a good listener and give compliments. Read more tips online on how to be better partner.

SashaL Answered:

Really listen to what the other person is saying. Then you will respond to what they actually said and not to what you think they said. Get your thoughts together and try to get your point across simply and without being long-winded. Think about how you phrase a sentence and use ``I feel…´´ instead of ``you make me..´´. Perhaps look online and read up about good communication tips and healthy relationships.

WRIGHT6 Answered:

Communication always has three parts: the speaker, the listener and the message. As a speaker, you can improve communication by using “I statements” and choosing your words carefully to describe your own feelings, memory or beliefs. As a listener you can get better at communicating by asking clarifying questions, rephrasing what you’ve heard, and using active listening skills. Sometimes we misinterpret the meaning behind what other people say, so if you think you heard something upsetting, try verifying that you understood what the speaker meant. It could be their wrong choice of words that upset you, not what they were really trying to say.

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