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Where can I make friends online? Tell me some websites.

Where can I make friends online? Tell me some websites.

2 Answers

Tooth_Fairy Answered:

Social networking has become extremely popular, that's true. A half of my friends are abroad and I can only contact them by using online communicating. As for the dating issues, you can easily use well-known apps or, if less popular, Also common interests usually warm up people's interest towards each other, keep it in mind!

WRIGHT6 Answered:

A lot of people make friends online using social mediaprofiles like Twitter and Instagram, but there are other ways to find people with common interests, too. Message boards for topics you’re interested in, television shows you watch or social causes you care about are a great place to start. Many people find friends through playing games online or chatting with others who blog or vlog about their favorite games. Commenting on videos from YouTubers you enjoy can also help you meet people with similar interests, too. In general, you should look for friends in places where you know you’ll find like-minded people, or at least share a common interest.

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