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The increasing number of divorce cases has taken me aback from the thought of getting married. What should I do?

The increasing number of divorce cases has taken me aback from the thought of getting married. What should I do?

4 Answers

Tigger Answered:

In the Western, about 90 percent of people marry by the age of 50. A healthy marriage is beneficial for a couple’s mental and physical health and well-being. A happy marriage is a safe place for children; growing up in a happy, stable home protects children from many problems such as mental, physical, educational and social issues. 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the USA divorce, and the divorce rate for second marriages can be as high as 90%. So why would you get married? Because a happy marriage is a little bit of heaven on earth. It provides companionship, friendship, a confidant, someone who accepts and loves you jsut the way you are, and someone who has the same goals and visions for your children as you do.

Crispy Answered:

I don't know what Angie is talking about with her umbrella comparison wink but I do understand what's at the heart of her post lol

She's right. Marriage is one giant exercise in faith. Nobody knows how their marriage will go with any certainty. There are no guarantees. At all. Ever. 

Couples who seem perfect for each other break up, and couples who don't seem like they have a fighting chance end up sticking things out. 

Don't get stuck on the horrible D word. Think about all the wonderful things that can go right and bring that positivity with you in everything you do.

AngieDances Answered:

Sanders, it’s a totally scary thing. I know exactly what you mean. I waited until I was 42 to get married! I didn’t want to end up in divorce either. What I learned is that you can’t stop yourself from loving someone out of fear. You should not let fear decide your actions. Let your heart and a clear, practical mind guide you. Not wanting to get married because you’re scared it may end up in divorce is like saying you will always carry an umbrella with you because it might rain. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. You should not expect the worst out of life, give faith a little chance!

WRIGHT6 Answered:

The higher rate of divorce in our times doesn’t necessarily indicate a higher percentage of failed marriages. The truth is, many marriages were unhappy in the past, but now the taboo has been lifted from couples wanting to dissolve their unions. These days, people have a chance to start over or find happiness if they can’t work things out, rather than staying in bad relationships for the sake of family, religious reasons or the law itself. Take your marriage vows seriously, make the commitment to stay together, and don’t choose someone to spend the rest of your life with until you know it’s the right decision.

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