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Can you give an advice for marriage that can help me lifelong?

Can you give an advice for marriage that can help me lifelong?

3 Answers

SashaL Answered:

As one old lady said on her 50th wedding anniversary, when someone asked her if she had ever considered divorce: ``Divorce? Never! Murder – often!´´. This joke just underlies the fact that no marriage is without its ups and downs. It is two totally unique individuals trying to get along, when each has their own mind, thoughts and ways of doing things. Trust would be my number 1 requirement for a lifetime marriage. It is the basis of a good relationship. The commitment to staying together would be another. Being willing to discuss problems and find solutions as a team is vital, instead of turning on each other are so important. One vital ingredient would be a sense of humour. If you can learn to laugh at yourself a bit, it makes life a lot easier.

NOBLE54 Answered:

The best advice for married couples is to never forget that they are in it together and they must be a team. As anyone who’s ever played a team sport can attest, tensions between team members are frustrating, but they can be overcome as long as everyone understands the goals and purpose for the team. As a married couple, your goal should be to support each other and develop a long-term partnership where power and decision-making are shared, and each partner feels valued. The true purpose of marriage is to ensure a couple stays together through all of life’s trials.

Garfield Answered:

Nurture your marriage. Do everything you can to stay happy together, share your joys, sorrows and pain - be a strong couple! Doing little acts of service, being aware of your own shorthcomings (such as anger or nagging) and working to changing them all can help you greatly in the long run. Keep working on your marriage, day after day, to make it absolutely successful.

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