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How to cheer my wife's mood when she is unhappy?

Answers (7)

MITCHELL said on
Give her an awesome gift! Maybe she is disappointed that there is no romance in your married life. Add some romance and sparkle in your life
MarryAnn said on
Tell her how lovely she is! Tell her how happy you are to have her in your life :) Bring her flowers and chocolate and when she smiles ask her what she feels like doing now and sped some time together, listen to her :) It's all about the little acts of kindness and attention!
AngieDances said on
I have heard a lot of different ideas from both men and women on this topic. It’s very interesting, because some women say that they want their husband to be very sweet and gentle with them when they are in a mood or unhappy, but other women have said that they would rather their husband tell them that they are there for them if they need anything, but to then just leave them alone. Personally, I like to tell my husband that I’m not in a great mood, reassure him that it’s not his fault, and then ask him to give me some time alone.
MorninLove said on
Just ask her is there anything you can do to cheer her up :) Your attention and concern itself will cheer her up! When you rise her vibration communication comes with ease :)
This is a great question that you are asking and it shows that you are a caring husband who wants to help his wife. When she is feeling down or unhappy she may just want you to hold her and reassure her of your love. She may want to talk and tell you everything that is on her heart, in which case your listening ear will go a long way to making her feel better, by the mere fact that she has been heard. Please don’t try to “fix” her and “jolly” her along and tell her what to do. She needs to know that it is safe to be sad with you, and that you will be kind, gentle and understanding with her while she works through whatever is worrying her.
Crispy said on
I would cheer my wife up when she is feeling moody by:
  • Buying her favorite flower
  • Taking her out to her favorite restaurant
  • Watching her favorite movie with her
  • Surprising her with an activity that she would love
Another way would be to let her have her space and allow her to come to when she is ready. I would run a hot bubble bath for her, give her a glass of wine and allow her to have some alone time.
mathisurendran said on
First find out why your wife is unhappy.

ou should make her feel that you are there to support her.

Taking her out will immediately relieve her happiness.

Hug her with care. Your wife will adore it.

Buy her gifts she had always wanted.

Listen atttentively to her reasons. Listening to your wife is the ultimate way of making her happy.
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