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There are many questions about divorce going in my mind. Looking for a solution.

There are many questions about divorce going in my mind. Looking for a solution.

3 Answers

DUNCAN Answered:

Divorce is certainly a topic not to be taken lightly. If you are considering divorce, there are certainly many preponderances, such as: * What will happen with the children? Will they have visitation? Have to change schools? * Who will move out? Will I have to get an apartment? * Which one of us will take which assets and what will happen with the debt we have accumulated? * Do we sell our house? * How will I deal with the pain? *Will my wife/husband try to take the kids? * Will my husband/wife end up with everything? * How will I support myself? If you have tried everything to save your marriage, but are still unhappy, filing for divorce may be your best option. If it is clear in your mind that this is what you need to do, it may be best to save the details for later and focus on the first step, which is filing for the divorce. You will retrieve the paperwork you need from the courthouse in your jurisdiction, and you will find that many of these questions are already included in the paperwork. You'll write what your divorce terms are in the paperwork, and your spouse will have a chance to dispute the terms. The process takes several months usually, so you do have time to think things over. If your relationship is so disturbed that you do not feel you are likely to come to agreements on your own, the court will initiate an arbitration process. You can consult with an attorney, paralegal, or your local financial aid office for assistance with filling out the forms.

Tobygirl Answered:

Don’t let anyone tell you different - divorce is devastating. It is the loss of all your hopes and dreams, the destruction of a relationship you thought you were in for life, and the break-up of a family. Try whatever you can to prevent it. Go for counselling as a couple, talk to each other, read lots of books, whatever it takes. If you have tried everything and it still seems the only way out, I would still advise counselling for the whole family in order to be able to deal with it. If you’re going ahead, do it as quickly and cleanly as you can.

LoveCoach Answered:

Why are you contemplating divorce? How can I help you avoid the awful, painful, destructive process?

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