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How do you find out that you are pregnant?

How do you find out that you are pregnant?

4 Answers

OliviaG Answered:

A blood test is the fastest and most accurate way to find out if you are pregnant. The urine test dos not always work, even when performed by a doctor, if it is very early on in the pregnancy. Before this, you will have missed a period though you may experience some spotting. Your breast will be feeling tender and swollen as well. Sometimes say that they ``just know´´ and they are usually right. You may be more emotional than normal and may be feeling queasy as your pregnancy hormones will have started kick in.

DUNCAN Answered:

The best, no-nonsense way to learn whether you are pregnant is to get to your primary care doctor for a blood test. A blood test will show right away wither you carry the pregnancy hormone. If you’ve just missed your period, you can take a store bought pregnancy test as soon as the first day of the missed period. For maximum accuracy, take the test upon waking in the morning as that is the time when most of the hormone is present in urine and most likely to show up on the test.

Crispy Answered:

I found out that I was pregnant the first time because I had skipped a period and since I had been having unprotected sex, I took a pregnancy test which of course came back positive. I was only 19 at the time and was very scared when I saw the positive pregnancy test. I held onto that test for 4 months before I finally threw it out. My biggest fear was telling my parents since I still lived at home at the time. I told them in a letter that I had slid under their bedroom door. It was definitely one of the hardest moments of my life.

FoxyPanda Answered:

One of the first things that should happen is that the woman will miss her menstrual cycle. If she is pretty regular then this should be a warning sign. You can then do a few things: You can purchase a pregnancy test at any drugstore or pharmacy (you don’t need a prescription), you can go to a doctor’s office and have a urine sample analyzed, or you can ask the doctor to draw blood. I asked my doctor to do both the urine and the blood just to be sure.

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