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How to get ready in order to get pregnant?

How to get ready in order to get pregnant?

2 Answers

DUNCAN Answered:

Everything in your life will be affected by both pregnancy and baby, so the more you plan, the better off you’ll be. Start by preparing your budget and decide how long you will work, and ensure you’ll be stable financially should the pregnancy prevent you from working. You will need to have good reliable transportation. Choose a midwife or obstetrician, and talk with your partner about your expectations for parenting and for delivery. Will you use a hospital, birthing center, or try for a home birth? Will you use medications during delivery? What will your primary caregiving roles be when it comes to baby? Will you play it by ear, or work on a schedule? Will you breast or bottle feed? Other things you’ll want to prepare for, include dietary (be sure to stock up on healthy snack foods!) considerations. Get yourself a pregnancy journal, and books to read that educate you about pregnancy and delivery. You may want to consider a Lamaze or delivery class, also. Getting things ready for baby is the next obvious step. Make lists of what you think you’ll need, what optional items you want, and start on your baby’s room. Plenty of diapers, clothes, a carseat, cradle, or crib and stroller are just a few of the necessities.

Tobygirl Answered:

As a nutritionist, I tend to focus on the health aspect of anything. I can't give medical advice on how to get ready for pregnancy. Eat as healthily as possible. Include it least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. Eat healthy proteins like lean meat and chicken. Cut out junk food, caffeine and alcohol. Do not smoke as it can affect your baby´s birth weight and lungs. Exercise regularly and gently. You do not need to go overboard, but try to get some form of exercise every day. Learn relaxation techniques which you will need so that you can rest when the baby sleeps.

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