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Need some evergreen tips on marriage and sex.

Need some evergreen tips on marriage and sex.

2 Answers

Andrew Symus Answered:

I also need to find these tips, can someone give me?

DUNCAN Answered:

Indeed, Christian couples may struggle with issues around morality and maintaining a set of values that they both agree on. Husbands and wives may have different ideas about what constitutes sex, pleasure, and intimacy. Some Christian writers take a modern perspective on sex, and discuss taboo subjects like orgasm. One writer featured on Evergreen’s blog even encourages individuals to engage in self exploration to understand their bodies and how to achieve climax, so that they will know what to do with their partner. Other more traditional voices might struggle with this notion, since the act of self exploration does not respect Christianity by old standards. Give some thought to the world you live in now; and consider how you can live your faith pragmatically within it. Orgasms are a part of life and love; how you choose to embrace or displace pleasure as it relates to Christ- is entirely up to you. Consider whether you are a traditional worshiper, or a modernized one – are you someone with whom adapts readily to your environment and to cultural change? Or, do you resist the changes, preferring to stick with ancient traditions and beliefs?

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