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I am looking for marriage counselors who can give advice for newlyweds.

I am looking for marriage counselors who can give advice for newlyweds.

2 Answers

mathisurendran Answered:

How can marriage counsellors advice newly wedded couple? You have to make your marriage work, not they. You will face lot of problems in your initial days of your marriage. When you live together you see a newer side of your sposue which you never thought existed. Do not make it a big issue. Overlook the minor faults of your spouse. Keep communicating. You can argue with your spouse but you should not let your anger last. DO NOT HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS AS IT WILL NEVER MATERIALIZE. ACCEPT YOUR SPOUSE FOR WHAT HE\SHE IS.

DUNCAN Answered:

Marriage counselors are typically trained to work with couples at all stages; and you do not have to be in conflict to see one. You might, however, consider someone who specializes in pre-marital counseling, since those types of counselors typically provide exercises and tips that are meant to be used over the long haul. You haven't missed the boat if you didn't take premarital counseling prior to your wedding, and it is not too late now. As newlyweds, this is probably a better fitting option; you can start by typing in a search for "Premarital counselors in my area," or talk to the minister at you

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